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Not Just Another Blogging Platform

Easy User Interface

QuickPublisher brings back the fun in blogging with its easy to use interface which gives you control over the design of your articles and more customizations

Monetize Your Blog Using Microsubscriptions

Our platform(both free and flying solo plan) comes with a brand new monetization feature. Now you are able to write your contents without bugging your readers with ads. For this, we use Microscriptions (a subscription-based platform) as the underlying monetization platform

Real Blogging Tools

With advanced tools like tracking edits made by your content editors and writers, you are able to view every edit made per post, injecting custom HTML, CSS & Javascript code and many more advanced functionalities.

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Simple UI & amazing UX

QuickPublisher on different devices

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The editor on desktop

Yes we hate ads too

Keep Your Blog Simple

In terms of user experience, we know that ads can be pretty annoying and distracting, especially while reading an article. Hence we will never display ads on this platform, even on the free plan. And in terms of Monetization, our platform is integrated with Microscriptions, a monetization platform startup which provides affordable microsubscriptions for content providers. This helps to keep your blog neat.

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Free Plan($0)

Own your blog and contents

Monetize your content without ads (Using Microscriptions, a subscription-based platform) while keeping your blog clean

Design your article posts in your own way

Easy to use WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) & Markdown editor to easily design your articles and custom pages

Use our Markdown editor to drag and drop images, write code snippets and complex mathematical equations

Schedule your posts to be published at a date-time of your choosing

Extend your blog with more pages

Post unlimited number of articles

RSS Feed

Data is Backed up

99.9% uptime guarantee

24/7 support with 5minute lag reply speed

Free SSL certificate

Get important audit trail information about your blog

Customize your blog with your logo, favicon, social media links and more

SEO optimization

Access to moderate comments before they get displayed on your blog

User management control

Flying Solo Plan($15.99 Per Year)

Everything in the free plan plus:

Invite your friends, co-workers and trusted people to collaborate on your posts

Track changes made by your editors down to the last full stop. This helps to revert when a mistake is made

Unlimited storage for your images, video files and more

Remove QuickPublisher branding in the footer

Turn on or turn-off your blog when you want to

Inject custom HTML, Javascript and CSS

Have your blog on your own domain

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